This was a big week for news about standardized testing and test scores.

Two major stories dominated the week’s news. President Obama’s belated recognition of standardized exam overkill and another federal government report documenting academic stagnation during the “test-and-punish” era provided more ammunition for the country’s rapidly growing assessment reform movement. In many states parents, educators, local officials and community leaders are gearing up for major campaigns to significantly reduce testing volume, eliminate high-stakes, and open the door to better ways to assess student learning.

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National NAEP Results Add to Evidence of Test-and-Punish Failure
National Can the Obama Administration Really Pare Back Standardized Testing:
National Ed Groups to Congress: Finish “No Child Left Behind Overhaul”

California State Is Ahead of the Curve in Cutting Back Standardized Testing
California 8,000 Los Angeles Students Who Failed Repealed Exit Exam Now Eligible for Diplomas

Connecticut Teachers Push Back on Test Scores
Connecticut Why Administer the SAT to All High School Juniors

District of Columbia Achievement Gap Remains Despite Test Score Rise and Fall

Florida Half of Poll Respondents Support Opt Outs
Florida Testing Advocates Lack Accountability
Florida Education System Standardized and Broken

Georgia Movie Planned on Atlanta Test Cheating Scandal

Hawaii State Is Ahead of the Curve in Trimming Some Tests

Indiana Politicized State Board Raises Cut Score, Failing More Students

Louisiana State to Look for Ways to Reduce Testing

Maryland State Panel Tries to Address Testing Overkill

Massachusetts Lawmakers Push for Moratorium on Standardized Exams

Mississippi State Testing Policies Keep Churning Public Schools–Mississippi-Elections-Education

Montana Student: Education is Learning, Not Testing

New Hampshire Exam-Driven “Reforms” Fail the Test

New Jersey State DOE Tries to Hide Truth of PARCC Testing From Public
New Jersey An Inconvenient Truth of President Obama’s Testing Plan

New Mexico Welcome Reprieve From Testing
New Mexico Provide Complete Item Analysis for High-Stakes Exams

New York Schools That Skip Standardized Tests Have Higher Graduation Rates
New York Parents and Teachers Pressure State Review Panel About Common Core Standards and Tests
New York Testing Obsession is Finally Under Review

Ohio Superintendents Want Less High-States Testing–Obama-Agree-on-Testin—.html

Oregon Students Need to Learn, Not Just Test

Pennsylvania Time to End Toxic Testing Culture

South Dakota Superintendent Agrees: Too Much Time Spent on Testing

Tennessee Legislator Barred From Taking State Practice Test
Tennessee Are Some Schools “Faking the Grade” By Excluding Some Students From Testing?

Virginia Halloween Candy Hand-Out Explains Opt Out Rights

Washington Rolling Back Testing Mania

Wyoming Lawmakers Mull Testing Reduction Recommendations

ACT/SAT Test-Optional Surge
ACT/SAT Salem State, UMass Lowell Join Trend Away From Admissions Tests

What Sort of Assessment Does Enhance Learning?

Why International Test Score Comparisons Are a Weak Guide to Education Reform

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