I like Dr. Ben Carson’s demeanor: calm, cool, collected. But the things he says are often appalling.

In his calm voice, he often says things that are extremist.

In this video, he praises home-schooling and criticizes public education.

The President of the United States should not take a stand in favor of home schooling unless he thinks it is good public policy for most children.

I would not ban home-schooling for those who want to do it, but it makes no sense as a public policy for the nation. It is one thing to have dubious ideas about how to educate our children, but it is a step beyond rational to suggest that most should be educated by their parents at home. Many parents are ill-equipped to teach their children much beyond the basics; they are surely not masters of algebra, geometry, calculus, and modern science and world history. Many parents are working two or three jobs to make ends meet.

Home schooling should remain a fringe sector for the few parents who have the time and the qualifications to do it.