The Huffington Post published a post with five of Bill Gates’ most memorable sayings.

He says that he learns the most from dissatisfied customers.

That’s a gem.

But here are a few of my favorite sayings of Chairman Bill:

There was the time he spoke to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and told the NBCT teachers there that the reason for the Common Core was that it was like a standardized electrical current that would allow everyone to plug their appliances in, no matter where they lived. It made me wonder if children were like toasters.

Then there was the time he said that it would take a decade or so to figure out whether “this stuff” (evaluating teachers by test scores, for example) works.

Then there was the time he told the National Governors Association that teachers should not be paid more for their education and experience, but their output (test scores). He said in the same speech that a “great” teacher would be just as great with large class sizes. Message to the governors: Cut the number of teachers, increase class sizes, eliminate pay increases for advanced degrees and years in the classroom.

My all-time favorite is this one, from 2010, where he says that I (I with my computer) am his “biggest adversary.”

Here was my response.