The Network for Public Education is skeptical of the value of the Obama administration’s latest pronouncement on testing.
In a news release, Carol Burris of NPE expressed doubt that the new policy changes would have much effect.

“The Network For Public Education | PRESS RELEASE: Response to Obama Administration Testing Statement
The Network For Public Education
October 26, 2015 Accountability, Obama, Barack, Press Release, Reauthorization of NCLB, Testing / Opting Out

For Immediate Release

Contact: Carol Burris
Executive Director, Network for Public Education Fund
Date: October 26, 2015

“Network for Public Education Fund Response to Obama Administration Statement on Testing
“This weekend the Obama Administration released a statement calling for states to “cap testing” time in an effort to stop the parental outrage against annual, high-stakes testing. The suggested 2% cap represents nearly 24 hours of state-mandated standardized testing, for students as young as 8 years of age. To put that time into perspective, the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) represents less than 6 hours of testing.

“The Network for Public Education (NPE) is disappointed by the limited response to what it views as a national education crisis.
“Anthony Cody, who serves as the vice-chairperson and treasurer of NPE, responded to the announcement by saying, “Limiting testing to 2% is a symbolic gesture that will have little impact so long as these tests are used for high stakes purposes.”
“While the Department of Education remains wed to annual high-stakes tests, it is time for states and districts to call their bluff regarding flexibility. The research coming forward is clear. The overuse of standardized testing is educational malpractice. States should drop the destructive pseudoscience of VAM, empower educators to create their own meaningful assessments of learning, and get off the testing juggernaut.”

“Network for Public Education President, Diane Ravitch agrees. “The Obama administration’s stance on testing is too little too late. For seven years, they have forced inappropriate testing on almost every school in the nation, yet they still insist that testing promotes equity. It does not. They refuse to hold themselves accountable for the harm they have done to students, teachers, principals, and the quality of education. Billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on high-stakes testing during the Bush-Obama years. It is time for fundamental changes in federal policy, not pointless tinkering.”
“The Network for Public Education will continue to call for an end to high-stakes tests that are used to sort, select, punish, and rank students, educators, and schools.
“Testing is the rock on which a host of destructive corporate reforms are built. That era must end. It is time that we commit to well-funded, vibrant public schools that are democratically governed by the communities they serve”, said Carol Burris, the Executive Director of the NPE Fund.”