On October 22, I spoke at Wellesley College, my alma mater, to inaugurate a new annual lecture series on the subject of public education.

Here is a link to the speech, preceded by three introductions: one by Barbara Beatty, chair of the College’s Education department; Barbara Madeloni, president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association; and Linda Gottlieb, producer of the classic film, “Dirty Dancing,” a classmate of the class of 1960 and dear friend.

My purpose was to describe the current state of American education, the errors of the status quo, and what we must do to transform education for the future.

I am also funding student internships and research, and one day there will be a professorship. My hope is that one day Wellesley will be a center for generating sane and thoughtful education policy.

Next year’s speaker in this series will be Pasi Sahlberg, the great Finnish educational authority, who is a Visiting Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I am hopeful that the initiative at Wellesley will eventually grow to sponsoring scholarly work, seminars, and visionary thinking about a better education for every child.