This is something I don’t understand about technology. The upgrade–no matter what the program–is usually less satisfactory than the current program. I remember many years ago, I had mastered a writing program called Wordperfect and was very happy with it. It disappeared and was replaced by Word. I thought I should have been able to choose. I wasn’t.


Now Apple has upgraded the software, and the upgrade has made my iPad unusable. I used to blog on my iPad, but since I upgrade to the new software, I can’t copy and paste. If I copy an URL, I can’t paste it. I get whatever I copied the last time and I can’t get rid of it. Since the upgrade, nothing seems to work right on the iPad. I get frequent messages asking me to sign in to iCloud, which I don’t want to do. My iPad brain seems to be severely damaged by the upgrade., which hosts this blog, keeps asking me to upgrade to its new “posting experience.” I won’t do it. I know it will be a step backward. Without my permission, they “upgraded” the statistics page, and I am now overwhelmed with data I don’t want or need but they forgot to include the total number of page views, which I like to see.


What can I say? I must be a Luddite. I don’t need to reinvent myself every six months. Some things should stay the same for a whil