Yesterday was the third birthday of this blog. I started the blog on April 26, 2012. Today it reached 20 million page views!

Thank you to every reader who enjoys the content or who reads it as a reality check about the toxic, failed policies called “reform.” (Or both.) The mainstream media are infatuated with the reformers’ bold ideas to disrupt the education of the nation’s children.

But guess what? Their ideas don’t work. Their ideas hurt children. Their ideas close schools and hurt communities. Their ideas demoralize teachers. They focus everyone on test scores. Thry don’t improve education, they cheapen it.

Education has civic and humane purposes that can’t be measured by a standardized test.

Educating children is hard work that requires dedicated service and a commitment to the children, not for a year or two, but as a career.

Thank you for keeping me going with uour suggestions, your links to local events, and your support. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your loyalty.

This current madness will not last. Don’t quit, stand tall and keep teaching, keep fighting for better education.

Please join the Network for Public Education. Come to our next annual conference. Protect your children. Do what you love. Help is on the way. We are many. They are few. We will win.