Blogger “Lace to the Top” (aka Kevin Glynn) reports that Fountas and Pinnell have raised their expectations to align with the demands of the Common Core.


He also reports that the reading and assessment program DIBELS has raised its cut scores to align with the Common Core standards.


He writes:


Under the guise of Common Core, the cut scores for DIBELS have been changed. For instance, pre Common Core a 1st grader was expected to read 40-64 words per minute. Under the Common Core, they are now expected to read 69+ words per minute.

There is no money to be made in labeling children as successful, but labeling them failures has continued to fuel the perceived crisis in education and increases profits.


I am sure that DIBELS stands for something important, but I can’t find out by googling the website of the group at the University of Oregon who created the program and assessments.