Bob Schaeffer of Fairtest reports:

The pace of assessment reform news accelerates as back-to-school season begins. Note the geographic breadth of the rapidly growing high-stakes testing resistance with stories from 17 states and the District of Columbia just this week. There are also several very good commentaries.

Remaking Accountability in California: Moving Beyond Test Scores

The Failure of Washington, DC Test-Driven “Reform”

Florida Education Officials Continue Testing Misuse

Atlanta, Georgia, School Test Cheating Trial Gets Underway: Understanding the Context

Indiana Accepts $3Million in CTB/McGraw-Hill Test Foul-Up Settlement

Louisiana Governor Seeks Injunction to Block Use of Common Core Assessments

New Jersey Board of Ed Reduces Role of Test Scores in Teacher Evaluation

New Mexico Teachers Seek Common Core Exam Delay; Development of Better Assessments

Parent, Educator Pressure Forces Release of Half of New York State Test Questions

On School Exam Transparency, New York Fails Test

New York Teachers Demonstrate Against Pearson Testing Contract

Time to Ditch North Carolina’s School Grading Gimmickry

Ohio Educators Protest “Toxic” Standardized Exams

Oklahoma Attorney General Investigates CTB/McGraw-Hill Standardized Exam Administration Problems

Rhode Island Student Advocates Affirm Value of Grad Test Moratorium

Nashville, Tennessee Eliminates District-Mandated Standardized Exam

Statewide Texas Candidates Seek Testing Reduction

Good Luck Explaining the Current Texas Public School Accountability Rating System

Vermont Ed. Commissioner Dissects “No Child Left Behind” Flaws in Letter to Parents of “Failing” Schools

Virginia Testing is Leaving Too Many Students Behind

Local Activist and Students Organize to Overhaul Virginia SOL Tests

“No Child Left Behind” Fails to Help Washington State Students

New NEA Leader: Revolt, Ignore Stupid Reforms

Testing is a Lousy Way to Hold Schools Accountable

Standardized Exams Take Away Valuable Classroom Learning Time

School Testing May Be Driving Parents Away From Engagement with Their Children’s Schools

How to Fix Test-Driven Kindergartens

Video Games as a New Form of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

The Sordid History of Standardized Tests: Sorting and Ranking

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