I haven’t been able to write before now. The pain after surgery was so bad that I was kept on various drugs to keep me sedated. I spent two days in the recovery room, then moved to a regular room. But my health remained fragile, On Sunday, the surgeon sent me for a CT scan, where I learned I had a blood clot in one of my lungs. My greatest fear about surgery was triggering a clot, which could go to my brain or lung or heart . There were many conversations among the various specialists about whether I should get a filter inserted in my blood vessels to prevents clots from traveling. The consensus was no, so didn’t. The consensus was wrong.

Well, I am still here but it is not easy, I can’t get out of bed without help. I can’t walk. The pain in my knee remains intense. The rehab will go slowly because of the pulmonary embolism.

I won’t travel as much as I used to. But I promise to support you in your work and use my voice as best I can. Let’s work hard to support our children and their teachers, to do what is best for them, and to believe in our cause because it is the cause of democracy, justice, and real education.