In an earlier post, I shared with you the fact that I took a bad fall, landed on my knee, and tore the ACL ligament. The MRI showed the damage was even more extensive than it first seemed. I not only tore my ACL, I managed to take out several other ligaments as well that provide stability. So much for enthusiasm and striving boldly into the challenges of life.

As a result, this is the new schedule: I am going to Louisville this week to accept the Grawemeyer award. I wouldn’t miss it, even if I have to use a walker and a wheelchair.

I am canceling all other speaking engagements for the balance of April and May. No Milwaukee. No Madison. No Towson University. No Honorary degree at Columbia College in Chicago.

I may be facing knee replacement surgery.

This much I promise you. I won’t stop blogging and tweeting unless I’m under anesthesia. I will not stop advocating for commonsense reforms, for respectful treatment of educators, for loving treatment of children, and the joy of learning until they pry my cold, dead fingers from my electronic devices.