Due to budget cuts, half the elementary and middle schools of Los Angeles have been forced to close their libraries due to a lack of librarians or aides.

This is a disgrace. The district committed to spend $1 billion for iPads for Common Core testing but can’t staff its libraries.

“In the sun-filled space at the Roy Romer Middle School library, thousands of books invite students to stimulate their curiosity and let their imaginations soar. There is classic “Tom Sawyer” and popular “Harry Potter,” biographies of Warren Buffett and Tony Blair, illustrated books on reptiles and comets.

“But the library has been locked. The tables and chairs have been empty. That’s because budget cuts in the Los Angeles Unified School District have eliminated hundreds of library aides, leaving Romer’s library unstaffed for months at a time over the last four years.

“Principal Cristina Serrano said the situation has handicapped students — especially as new state learning standards require them to use more research in their papers and projects.

“The students need access to books; they need guidance on how to use the library for research,” she said. “But funding is not easy for us.”

“Romer isn’t the only L.A. Unified library that has had trouble. About half of the 600 elementary and middle school libraries are without librarians or aides, denying tens of thousands of students regular access to nearly $100 million worth of books, according to district data.”

Having fully staffed and open libraries are necessary for students. But they won’t make anyone rich.

Where are the billionaires of Los Angeles? Where is Parent Revolution? Where is Eli Broad? How about those movie stars who make millions for a single picture? Does anyone care?

For shame, Superintendent Deasy.