Jonathan Pelto points out that Connecticut is one of the wealthiest, best educated states in the nation, yet its politics and government are increasingly dysfunctional, driven by greed and indifference to the public weal.

Citing an article by Connecticut journalist Sarah Darer Littman, Pelto shows how state officials have been pushing to build a high school in Bridgeport on a polluted brownfield so as to make room for the expansion of Bridgeport Hospital.

He writes:

“In Sarah Darer Littman’s latest MUST READ column entitled “The Environmental Racism of Bridgeport’s Carnival of Corruption” in this weekend’s CT Newsjunkie, Sarah Darer Littman shines the bright light of truth on a complex deal in which Bridgeport ’s political and corporate leaders are conspiring to move Bridgeport’s Harding High School on to a severely polluted superfund site in order to make room for Bridgeport Hospital’s expansion plans.

“The political wheeling and dealing stretches from Bridgeport to Hartford and back again.

“By the time their effort is over, the cost to Connecticut taxpayers will exceed $100 million or more, and that doesn’t even begin to count the cost to Bridgeport’s public school students, teachers and parents who are but pawns in the deceit that has become the hallmark of Connecticut’s political environment.”

Be sure to read Pelto’s column and Littman’s shocking exposé, called. “The Environmental Racism of Bridgeport’s Carnival of Corruption.”