The heroes of the movement to reduce standardized testing in Texas is a group called TAMSA. The unwieldy title is Texans Advocating for Meaningful Student Assessment. They are better known as Moms Ahainst Drunk Testing.

They realized that Pearson had a lock on the Texas legislature as that body passed more and more testing requirements. The legislature cut $5 Billion from the schools’ budget yet managed to find nearly $500 million for a contract with Pearson. Give credit where it is due: Pearson hired Sandy Kress, architect of NCLB, as its lobbyist. Kress sends his own children to a wonderful school that does NOT give standardized tests.

So, I hereby honor the Moms of Texas, who beat Pearson.

Here is a letter about their activities:

“TAMSA deserves the credit for HB5 that reduced end of course testing by Pearson from 15 tests to 5.

Students in grades 3-8 take 17 of Pearson’s tests.

The TAMSA slideshow provides important facts about how the Pearson lobbyists were unmasked by the moms.”