Last week, the Gates-funded group Teach Plus put out a report saying that state testing didn’t take up all that much time, despite the loud complaints of parents and teachers.

The howls of outrage on the Education Week site caused the researchers at Teach Plus to take another look, and they discovered they were wrong.

Reporter Catherine Gewertz follows the story here.

She begins:

Remember that study last week that showed how district-mandated tests take far more time away from students’ and teachers’ schedules than state tests do? It turns out that it had a major error.

As soon as “The Student & The Stopwatch” came out Feb. 5, critics pounced on it for posting far too low a figure for the amount of time students have to spend on states tests in Illinois. You can see some of these attacks in the comments section of the blog post I wrote about it.

You might recall that the report examined a dozen urban districts, and some surrounding suburban districts, focusing on their relative burdens of state testing time and district-imposed testing time.

Gewertz pressed Teach Plus to make corrections.