At some point the PR bubble will burst, and the public will realize that school choice solves no problems and that charters and vouchers perform no better and often worse than regular public schools.

Blogger Steve Hinnefeld analyzed Indiana’s growth scores and found that public schools usually showed greater gains than charters or religious schools.

Hinnefeld writes:

“You can download 2012-13 growth scores for all the schools in the state from the Indiana Department of Education website. Sort and rank them, and what do they show?

For Indiana’s 1,400-plus public schools, the median score – the value at which half the scores are higher and half are lower – was at the 51st percentile in math and the 50th in English. That’s about what you’d expect: Most Indiana schools are public schools, so naturally the median score will be in the middle.

For private schools reporting growth scores, median scores were at the 46th percentile in English and only the 40th percentile in math.

For charter schools, median scores were at the 46thpercentile in English and only at the 36th percentile in math.”

This is the great secret of our time: Our public schools are doing a better job than the competition.