Superintendent Steve Cohen’s article, posted this morning, got a huge response and many tweets and retweets.

Here he speaks directly to a reader of his post:

“We’ve had at least 30 years of plutocratic leadership in the US, and that reality puts us way behind the curve. What other choice do we have but to gather up our political, moral, cultural resources and resist? These resources may prove to be insufficient. But we know that doing nothing, or believing that our plutocrats are democrats, will just bring us more of what we have. If parents care about their kids’ futures, they must step up, and soon.

In the 1934 gubernatorial election in California, a Methodist minister was asked why he intended to vote for Upton Sinclair, who was then running far behind the Dem and Rep candidates. Wasn’t a vote for Sinclair a “wasted” vote? The minister’s response was, “I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it, than to vote for something I don’t want and get plenty of it.”

We’re at such a point. We need a third party. Now.”