Please take five minutes and watch this wonderful student in Tennessee give an impassioned speech about how current “reform” policies are ruining education.

He blasts the Common Core because of its emphasis on standardization.

He expresses his respect for teachers. He says “Standards-based education Is ruining the way we teach and learn.”

He says bluntly “Why don’t we just manufacture robots instead of students?”

He says, “The task of teaching is never quantifiable.”

He says twice, for emphasis: “If everything I have learned in high school is a measurable objective, I haven’t learned anything.”

I am once again convinced that this younger generation, raised under the harsh. soulless NCLB regime, rejects standardization. They refuse to be mechanized. They are rebels against the federal effort to stamp out their individuality. They will save us from the adults who hope to shape and silence them. They may well be our greatest generation.