A letter from a parent in New York City. Any advice for



I just learned about Common Core
Standards this afternoon at a school orientation in Queens, New
York. I have a 1st grader and a child in kindergarten. I am told my
child will have a test tomorrow and he is expected to know how to
read. He is in Kindergarten! He only recognizes every letter in the
alphabet but I never took on teaching him to read at 4. He has to
write the main idea of the story. This test will only make him feel
frustrated and inferior. The parents in the class agreed with me
and I said I will see what I can do, in terms of a petition, a
class action lawsuit, or however I can make a difference. Please,
please, I have parents on board, help me, what can I do next. Last
night my 1st grader had 3 hrs worth of homework. By the time I fed
them dinner, she was not done with homework until 9:30 p.m. I was
not even able to read to her with all the homework that needed to
be done. They are not sleeping the appropriate amount of time. I
wake them up at 6:30. This is a traumatic time for us. I am turned
off about sending them to school at all. They get no recess and are
only allowed one gym period, bi-weekly! How can they burn off
energy properly?
Please help me help my


Thank you,
Yesenia Gomez