Reformers love to test and rate and grade and rank everyone and everything: students, teachers, schools, etc.

They love school report cards–where schools are assigned a single letter grade–because it sets up the D and F schools to be closed, then privatized.

This enables them to churn the schools and introduce the principle of constant disruption, their favorite state of being.

Disruption, you see, is supposed to create innovation and improvement.

In reality, it produces teaching to the test, narrowing the curriculum, teacher attrition, student push-outs, and unending anxiety for everyone, as they watch the axe poised over their heads.

But what is most embarrassing to the “reformers” is when their beloved charter schools get grades no better than the public schools.

That is what happened with the release of the latest state-created reports cards in Ohio.

As blogger Plunderbund reports,

“After 15 years of charter school expansion, the new Ohio school report cards provide the strongest evidence yet that this method of using charter schools to supposedly reform education in our state is a complete failure.  The latest results from the state make it clear that the large urban districts are not dramatically improving and the charter schools that are supposed to be transforming educational practices while being given every advantage (including a greater amount of state funding) are doing no better.”

Plunderbund reviews the data and concludes:

“Look, we’re not saying that the urban schools are knocking it out of the park – they wouldn’t be under attack so much by politicians if they were showing dramatic improvement.  But the reality is that the charter school experiment in Ohio has failed as a method of public school reform and it’s time to pull the plug.

“Ohio’s children need a better plan than the one drawn up by our legislators and their donors.”