This piece about “disruption” was cross-posted on Huffington Post, meaning that I wrote it this morning, got an invitation from HuffPost to write something, and offered to put this post in both places.

I may do this with future blogs, to help spread the message of hope and good cheer about the growing movement to free our schools from the heavy hands of the corporate reformers.

Feel free to go to Huffington Post and leave a comment on the article there.

This is part of our message, those of us who are trying to change the narrative.

Let’s work together to inform the public that the train has not left the station.

There is nothing inevitable about current misguided policies.

The train has not left the station.

The train is headed right for a cliff.

It is time to change direction.

And it is happening.

Americans like their neighborhood public schools.

They don’t want to see them closed and replaced by a school to which they must apply for admission.

They don’t like standardized testing.

They love their teachers.

They don’t want their teachers rated by the test scores of their students.

Common sense will win.

I promise.