Columnist Dan Carpenter of the Indianapolis Star understands what Tony Bennett was doing with the A-F grading system imported from Jeb Bush in Florida.

It was never about improving but about labeling so that here would always be a fresh crop set up for closure and privatization.

He writes: “Educators, from those with traditional public schools to those operating charters to those teaching teachers in universities, already had warned him about A-F. But they saw the jeopardy the other way around: It was and is a blunt instrument that treats parents choosing schools like shoppers for backpacks. And it sets schools up for state takeover, and management by private businesses with political connections, without giving them and their communities a fair chance to explain their numbers and describe their needs. It tends to financially reward the affluent.”

The A-F system contributed to Bennett’s loss last fall to Glenda Ritz. The relentless testing that Bennett imposed was his downfall. He lost to Ritz even though he had a 10-1 funding edge, which should have sufficed in a red state. One of his biggest contributors: testing giant McGraw-Hill.