Arthur Camins explains what is wrong with the TFA approach but cautions that the recruits should not be blamed or criticized. I agree. The recruits are idealistic and well-intentioned. They are akin to Peace Corps volunteers. No one suggests that Peace Corps volunteers are qualified to be Foreign Service officers or diplomats or ambassadors. Blame the organization for its hubris, not the kids. It is the hubris that produced John White (Louisiana), Kevin Huffman (Tennessee), Eric Guckian (North Carolina), Michelle Rhee.

Camins writes in a comment:

“Behind the cheap labor, quick-fix and undermining unions appeal of TFA, there are ideas. We need to address and challenge the ideas. They include,

1) Ignorance: Knowledge of teaching and learning is easily learned and is relatively unimportant compared to content knowledge;

2) Elitism: Attending a prestigious college is prima facie evidence of the intelligence and disposition required for effective teaching;

3) Arrogance and/or Naiveté: Teaching as a profession is devalued, as it is considered as temporary employment rather than a lifetime profession in which expertise increases over time.

On the other hand, we need to be careful to attack the ideas, rather than the TFA teachers, most of whom are well-intentioned. I touched on some of this in an earlier post here: and here:”