I just learned from a reader about a new group in Pittsburgh to stop bullying.

It reminded me to share with you my thoughts about a current movie called “Bully.”

I saw it on a cable station as an “on demand” movie. A friend urged me to see it. He was right. It is gripping and heart-breaking.

It tells the story of several children who were bullied, taunted, teased, ridiculed on a daily basis by other students. Some were beaten up and attacked on the school bus. Some committed suicide. Some projected weakness because they “looked different” or were vulnerable in some way. Some were gay. Their parents couldn’t understand why their child had become an outcast, a target for meanness. Their teachers and principals tried but didn’t do nearly enough to protect them. Ultimately, we need not only to protect these children but to have a cultural sea change that makes bullying unacceptable.

Every community should have parent/teacher/community groups to take a stand and defend the right of children to live in peace and to be accepted by their peers and their community.

The reader posted this comment:

“We are starting a parent, teacher organization to prevent bullying of all types ( principal on teacher, student on teacher, parent on teacher teacher/principal on parent and kids. We want to take a community based public health approach to school based violence in Pittsburgh Public Schools. If people are interested in joining they can contact us at parentsagainstbullyinginpgh@gmail.com”