Superintendent Joshua Starr in Montgomery County, Maryland, is searching for ways to measure students other than test scores. The district has commissioned Gallup to develop measures of social and emotional factors.

Sounds good but why not do what Sidwell Friends, Exeter, Andover, Lakeside Academy, and schools in Finland do: Trust professional judgment.

HuffPost reporter Joy Resmovits tweeted this:

“@Joy_Resmovits: Reformy source: “that sound you’re hearing is Joel Klein & @michellerhee’s heads exploding”/ Schools measuring ‘hope’”

Justin Hamilton, who used to be Duncan’s press secretary, responded in a tweet:

@justinhamilton: @Joy_Resmovits FACT CHECK: Joel Klein is 100% in favor of hope

Hamilton now works for Joel Klein.

Klein works for Rupert Murdoch.