Parent Revolution, funded with millions of dollars by the Walton Family Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and the Broad Foundation, has decided to create a “truth site.”

The story says:

“The site’s initial focus will be on attempting to debunk claims made by NYU education historianDiane Ravitch, who earlier this month quasi-apologized for calling Parent Revolution head Ben Austin “loathsome” and on Friday penned another critique of the parent trigger (which as of this
afternoon has already attracted 60+ comments).”

Apparently Ben Austin’s “open letter” to me on Huffington Post didn’t do the job of explaining his views.

Nor did my response to him on this blog satisfy Ben.

So, let’s see how much energy Parent Revolution is willing to devote to “debunking” my claims. Will Ben Austin bring himself to say the name “Irma Cobian”? That’s the principal whose reputation and career Ben Austin decided to destroy. In his very lengthy letter to me, he did not mention Irma Cobain. Please keep her front and center. She is the victim. Not Ben Austin. Not me. Irma Cobian, a real person, respected by her staff, doing her best, roadkill for Parent Revolution.