John White, Louisiana State Superintendent, announced that he was recalling all confidential student data from inBloom, the massive data warehouse funded by the Gates Foundation with $100 million.

Is this for real? Time will tell.

Parents in the state loudly protested the release of their children’s identifying information to the data warehouse, which was developed by Rupert Murdoch’s Amplify. Murdoch’s News Corporation is under investigation in England for hacking into people’s cell phones and computers. The most egregious case, which he settled for an undisclosed amount, involved hacking into the cell phone of a dead girl, in hopes of getting information about her killer.

Meanwhile, New York State still plans to turn confidential student data over to inBloom. Parents should ask State Commissioner of Education John King why he is still intent on doing something that is clearly an invasion of student privacy.

Whose interests are served?

Is this about helping entrepreneurs direct sales pitches to children?

Exactly why does the nation need this warehouse?