A comment from a reader in North Dakota. Guess who BG is and why he is coming to Fargo? Is he a modern evangelist, selling salvation by technology?

Any suggestions for our friends in North Dakota? I suggest they join the Network for Public Education, organize parent-teacher groups, and prepare to defend public education, doors open to all.

“The same thing is going on in Fargo right now. I’m just discovering Corporate Education Reform and I’m 99% sure that is what is going on here and it may be too late to stop it. They are getting very close to closing several schools despite the public outcry to save our neighborhood schools. ND currently is one of the few states that doesn’t have charters, but I wonder if that is where we are going? It may be a coincidence, but the big dog- BG – is in town next week. Please share comments if you think there is anything we can do to fight this. thanks.”