A reliable source in Tennessee sent this news to me.

Angry Moms of Tennessee scored a big victory!

Here is the report:

“No state charter authorizer. No vouchers. No charter trigger law expansion. No for-profit charter schools.


“Cost to StudentsFirst, etc. this election cycle- $2M. Cost of Angry Mamas- nothing. 🙂

“Wanted to make sure you knew. Huge Victory! Big celebrating down here!

“The end of session yesterday was nuts. The Lt. Gov. decided to hold the authorizer bill hostage to force the House to pass his unrelated judicial redistricting bill. The House refused, and amazingly- at the 11th hour- the authorizer was suddenly dead! No one could have predicted that one.

“Now to start educating and talking about all this so that it’s not so appealing when session starts again in January. “