Crazy Crawfish, who worked in the Louisiana Department of Education, here explains what the data warehouse funded by the Gates Foundation ($100 million) and created by Rupert Murdoch’s subsidiary Wireless Generation will eventually cost parents, schools, and districts:

SEAs, state agencies, not schools, are giving the data away. The reason some are doing it quicker than others is they are purportedly getting a “discount” on services they plan to purchase from inBloom and related vendors. Eventually there will be fees on everything that will just add and add and addd. For starters there is a storage fee coming. Then there will report fees, licensing fees, franchise fees, research fees, fees for altering data, access fees for viewing your own data, fee fees because someone needs to make a bottom line. Etc. These vendors will offer more “discounts” in exchange for more data, free/unfettered use of the data for non-educational purposes. These vendors have already recruited folks who helped them push through these FERPA changes, that will continue. So you should expect our eduational leaders to make money indrectly whent hey are hired by inBloom, Amplify, Ed-fi, and others at exhorbitant rates.