Every once in a while, I read an article that convinces me that education policymaking in this country is insane.

This is one of those articles.

The head of the DC City Council education committee has found the answer to fixing the city’s still troubled school system: He will hire a law firm to find the solutions! A law firm!

The law firm will help figure out how to improve achievement and more:

“Major targets for Catania include streamlining enrollment lotteries for parents, adjusting how schools are funded and allocating more dollars for poor children, setting performance targets for schools and consequences when they consistently fall short, and outlining a way to decide the fate of vacant school buildings.”

For $300,000 in private funding, “The lawyers will research school policies that have succeeded around the country, help determine what might work in the District and translate that into legislative language.”

The sponsor of this project ” is interested in setting school “transformation triggers” — performance targets including test scores and other measures that, if not met, could result in a school closure, staff replacement or a takeover by a charter operator.”

Ah, now there are some innovative ideas (not!): testing, targets, firings, school closings, charters.

Maybe the answer is a moratorium on decision making by unqualified non-educators.