I earlier posted about the decision by Governor Christie to take control of the public schools of Camden, New Jersey. The state has controlled three other districts without “fixing” them. What will be different now? Or in those three other districts still under state control.

This teacher in Florida knows what should be done:

“I did my student teaching at woodrow wilson high school in camden, nj. those kids don’t need “a government” to run their schools. they need support. i had a boy in my class who was 17 and still in 9th grade, but b/c i took in under my wing and so did the rest of his teachers (all student teachers), he passed each class (mine with a solid C). children need to have someone who cares about teaching them, not someone who is fearful each day about losing his/her job b/c they state may come in and close the school. and schools need money, not bureaucrats who know nothing about education.”