Readers may recall that I posted a desperate plea from a struggling new teacher. He posted a comment months ago, but I kept pushing it back to make way for pressing news. So I posted it a day ago and just heard from the new teacher. Here is the report:

I might be posting this for the second time…but I can’t figure out how this works. Oh well. Hello! This is the new teacher, a few months later. I had no idea that my post was reposted! Reading the responses has made me feel much less alone.

Thank you for taking the time to give me some advice and hope! To retiredbutmissesthekids, I am not in Illinois, but I’m still in the Midwest (Minnesota.)

I am happy to report that since I originally posted my thoughts on Diane’s blog, my experience has improved. As you advise in your post, I found a great mentor in the reading specialist at my school.

Although she has many responsibilities, she takes it upon herself to model and co-teach lessons with me. She checks in regularly with me and my students and helps me navigate the scary world of formal observations. I have learned so much from watching and talking with her. I feel so much calmer and more competent.

I do yearn for a kindergarten environment like the one you described. But I’m starting to feel confident that I’ll be around when the pendulum swings back (it has to, right?) Thanks again for your input.

To all new teachers out there: it’s true; finding an ally and mentor will give you the professional (and emotional) support that’s so necessary year one!