Remember reading about how the billionaires have tossed nearly $3 million in campaign funds to elect their slate in the Los Angeles school board race?

Monica Garcia, their favorite incumbent, will be able to fend off the terrifying challenge from Robert Skeels, who has intimidated her with a bankroll of $17,000. By now, he may have raised $18,000. That’s the kind of funding that frightens the 1%.

Kate Anderson, their other favorite, is not well versed in education issues according to the LA Times, but it is awfully important to oust incumbent Steve Zimmer, who is generally recognized–even by the LA Times–as thoughtful, independent, and an experienced teacher. But–good grief–he must be defeated because he was endorsed by UTLA, which makes him anathema to the billionaires and the LA Times. He is independent even from the UTLA, and he was TFA, but no way will Eli Broad and Michael Bloomberg tolerate a board member who has the nerve to be thoughtful and independent.

But pity the poor billionaires. They have to raise millions for their slate because otherwise they might be overpowered by the mighty and scary UTLA. And after all, what do teachers know about education?

Read Anthony Cody’s brilliant column here. He says, “Yes, Virginia, there really is a Bilionaire boys’ club.”