This is an interesting article by a Columbia student, explaining why he will not join TFA.

It is especially interesting because he is a former president of his campus Students for Educational Reform, the nicely-funded baby brother (or sister) of the Wall Street guys’ DFER.

Whenever he gets a letter pleading with him to apply for a “transformational” experience, he sends it to his spam folder.*

Why, because he went to a public school in Texas and he can still remember the names of the dedicated career teachers who inspired him.

He is also concerned that TFA is sending young white kids to replace black teachers. He notes a study (which I have not seen ) that says that three-quarters of the charter teachers are white.

In Chicago and New York City (and he doesn’t know this), there has been a sharp decline in the proportion of black and Hispanic teachers during the past decade of “reform.” Not all because of TFA, to be sure, but because those in charge don’t care.


*Note from Diane to Wendy Kopp: Please stop using the word “transform,” “transformational,” “transformative,” etc. I read your last book and checked the word every time it appeared. It appears dozens of times. Really, you need to find a new word.