As readers of this blog know, Steve Zimmer is a former TFA who became a career teacher in the Los Angeles public schools. He has served one term on the L.A. school board.

He had the temerity to suggest that the school districts, which now has hundreds of charters, develop an accountability and oversight plan for the charters.

That made the charter lobby very angry.

They decided he had to be defeated.

So now, in a race where candidates typically spend $50,000 or so, seldom as much as $100,000, the billionaires have raised large sums to kick Steve out.

Eli Broad put up $250,000. The mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, tossed in $1,000,000. Other charter allies have ponied up another million.

Once again, as in other school board races over the past two years, the question arises: Can people power defeat big money?

This is the response from the Zimmer camp:

Zimmer for School Board 2013

Yesterday we learned that Former Republican turned Independent New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote a $1 million dollar check to defeat Steve Zimmer. We need your help more than ever to make sure we reach every voter in District 4. This District should not be sold to the highest bidder but it should be won by winning the hearts and minds of voters.

Will you commit to Phone Banking and/or Precinct Walking this weekend?

Instead of money, it requires people willing to donate time and energy. All over the country people have proven billionaires that people can beat money.One example: Governor Jerry Brown defeated Billionaire Meg Whitman, Meg Outspent Brown By Over $140 Million!
Please sign up for a precinct walk and/or a phone bank shift. We have three locations where we are meeting:

Woodland Hills/Valley: Saturday and Sunday at 10am
– 6206 Jumilla Avenue Woodland HIlls 91367

West Hollywood/West LA: Saturday and Sunday at 10am
– 9028 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, 90069

Mar Vista: Sunday at 10am
3300 Mountain Ave, Mar Vista, 90066

I hope to see you in one of the locations. We need you.

Ari Ruiz

P.S. Please be sure to check out our videos on our YouTube page and share them with your friends.

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