Students in Providence, Rhode Island, will hold a Zombie protest against high-stakes testing outside the Rhode Island Department of Education headquarters on Wednesday afternoon.

State Commissioner Deborah Gist may not be there, as she is participating in a conference at the conservative think-tank American Enterprise Institute in DC on Tuesday with Michelle Rhee about “cage-busting leadership.

The students are the ones in the cage.

They would like to bust out of the cage created by NCLB and Race to the Top.  RI won RTTT funding to make the cage stronger.

They want the freedom to think and the freedom to learn, free of bubble testing and mandates from D.C. and the state.

If you are a parent or student or concerned citizen, support the students of Providence!

Help them bust out of the cage of high-stakes testing.





CONTACT: Aaron Regunberg | | 847-809-6039 (cell)


WHAT: Members of the Providence Student Union and other high school students dress as zombies and march from Burnside Park to RIDE, where they will dramatically demonstrate the deathly serious impact that the state’s new high-stakes testing graduation requirement may have on youth in Providence by staging a “die-in.” 

DATE: Wednesday, February 13th

TIME / PLACE:   4:00 p.m. “zombie march” begins at Burnside Park in Providence

4:20 p.m. zombies demonstrate outside of RIDE (on the Westminster Street-side of the Shepard Building)

The event will have strong visuals and chants. Students will be available for interview.


The Providence Student Union is a youth-led student advocacy organization bringing high school students together to ensure youth have a real voice in decisions affecting their education. Learn more at