The 1% really really really wants to beat Steve Zimmer.

Zimmer is a member of the Los Angeles school board who is up for re-election.

He is a former teacher (and TFA) in Los Angeles.

He is the target of a heavily funded campaign to oust him.

The LA Fund for Public Education (controlled by Superintendent Deasey) has paid for billboards featuring a picture of Zimmer’s opponent, in his district.

The anti-Zimmer forces have so far raised over $1.5 million to knock him out.

Among the contributors to the anti-Zimmer fund: billionaire Eli Broad and Rupert Murdoch employee Joel Klein.

$1.5 million is a huge amount of money for a local school board race.

This one will determine whether LA schools are controlled by supporters of public education or corporate elites.

That is why all friends of public education must support Steve Zimmer.

Tell the elites they can’t buy the schools or the children.