Zack Kopplin was honored earlier by this blog for his efforts to expose the teaching of creationism in voucher schools in Louisiana. He is a student at Rice University. He is not letting up on his efforts to expose the abuse of science by schools receiving vouchers.

Here is a press release sent by him:

Over 300 Schools Teaching Creationism on the Taxpayer Dime

Over 300 Schools Teaching Creationism on the Taxpayer Dime
For Immediate Release
Zack Kopplin
These schools are in nine states (Florida, Indiana, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, Utah, Wisconsin) and the District of Columbia and were put in a database on
A few of these creationist voucher schools are:
  • Liberty Christian School, in Anderson, Indiana, teaches from a creationist ABeka and ASCI curriculum.  They also take trips to the Creation Museum.
  • Rocky Bayou Christian School, in Niceville, Florida, in its section on educational philosophy, says “Man is presumed to be an evolutionary being shaped by matter, energy, and chance… God commands His people not to teach their children the way of the heathen.”
  • Creekside Christian Academy, in McDonough, Georgia, says, “The universe, a direct creation of God, refutes the man-made idea of evolution. Students will be called upon to see the divine order of creation and its implications on other subject areas.”
These schools that have been discovered are only the tip of the iceberg.  Hundreds more schools in these programs, across the nation, are undoubtedly also teaching creationism and receiving public money.
Researcher and science advocate Zack Kopplin partnered with MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show to discover and publish this information.
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