Maureen Reedy, veteran Ohio teacher, writes:

Mary, Linda, Lisa, Ann, George, Cheryl, Neil, Marcie, Ron, Robin, Stef, Joe, Ms. Cartwheel Librarian … and other Public Education Patriots,

Great! Great! Great!
I am so inspired by our growing group interest in Public Schools Across America/Hands Across America ~

Together, we are going to figure out a way to pull this off!
I am collecting emails for those interested, please email if you want to be in the loop: (I wish I was more tech savy!)

I have pitched our idea of Public Schools Across America/Hands Across America to Parents Across America and have a conference call with them next week.

• You ask about pre-planning, that definitely is key…

• First, each of us needs to think of any contacts in our state/region whom you think would be interested in helping to organize.

• Start a list so that when we are ready to roll with a definite framework beyond the conceptual phase, we are ready with key contacts in each state.

• Think of anyone in the public education universe who is pro-public ed that you know; Mary, I’ll bet you have great contacts in the Statehouse being a former State Rep…..
We need teachers, superintendents, state school board members, local school board members, administrators, etc., parents, legislators, council members, PARENTS are HUGE, any well known folks whom are reputable and known to be public ed supporters ~ writers, singers, actors, etc.

• Start imagining the event itself… “order of the day” so to speak…. the messages need to be visual, visceral, vivid and emotionally, logistically accessible to the general public. We are seeking an audience that is not just preaching to the choir …. we are seeking to educate, convince and connect our cause to the general public while bringing down the for-profit education emperors/empresses with no clothes… and we all know who they are!

• My idea is to state by state, the same afternoon, same time, across the USA…. rise up as a collective and…
• Celebrate Public Ed with key stories, testimonies from students, teachers, parents AND • Present the cold, hard facts of privatization to the general public to bring down the smokescreen created by Waiting for Superman and Rhee, etc.

• For example, the following link to an article I wrote resonated hugely with general public in Ohio because it had cold, hard facts about Ohio’s charters which the general public tax payer parent/citizen DID NOT KNOW…

• Think of Lisa Meyers, “Letter to America:”

Lisa’s letter had and can continue to have, a HUGE impact on unveiling for the unseeing, privatization brainwashed public what has happened to teachers and MUST STOP, for our Kids’ sake… for our country’s sake… for our democracy.

Please email so we can get our group up and running,
and here is to a Happy New Year for Public Education,

Maureen Reedy
Parent/29-year public school teacher
Columbus, Ohio