This may be the best blog post of the year. Read it. It is priceless!

Welcome to Opposite Day in Ohio!

Veteran educator Maureen Reedy explains what “education reform” meant on Opposite Day.

This is the day when StudentsFirst came to the Ohio Legislature to tout the virtues of charter schools, even though public schools in Ohio far outperform charters. The bottom performing 111 schools in the state of Ohio last year were all charter schools. Opposite Day!

And when StudentsFirst claimed that great teachers could teach 100 or more children online, even though Ohio already has poorly performing online charters. Opposite Day!

And when an employee of StudentsFirst boldly claimed that teaching is not a profession. Opposite Day!

Please read. This story should be on Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow and the Newshour. John Merrow, are you there?