At Jeb Bush’s bipartisan conference on the privatization movement, outgoing Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels complained that teachers used illegal tactics to defeat State Superintendent Tony Bennett. He claimed, with no evidence, that teachers campaigned for Glenda Ritz using school emails and facilities.

Bennett, of course, was the hero of the privatization movement. Jeb Bush made him the chairman of his “Chiefs for Change,” a group of state superintendents devoted to high-stakes testing and privatization. Bennett had a war chest of about $1.5 million, compared to about $300,000 for Ritz. His loss was a shocking upset and setback for the privatizers.

And Ritz not only beat him, but got more votes that the Republican who won the governorship. Some conservatives insisted that Bennett lost because he endorsed the Common Core standards and angered some conservative voters.

But Governor Daniels, soon to be president of Purdue, blames those terrible, unprincipled teachers, the people responsible for educating the children of Indiana..