Now that Bill Gates and his billionaire buddies have managed to buy a law authorizing charter schools in Washington State, over the objection of virtually every education-related group in the state, almost every parent association, local school boards, superintendents, principals teachers, and the League of Women Voters, it is time for him to show his real faith in charters.

Bill, put your children in the first charter school to open in Washington State.

Show that you really believe in them.

Demonstrate your sincerity.

Not for other people’s children, but for yours too.

Bill, you know there is no evidence for the superiority of charters over public schools.

You know there is evidence that they are more racially segregated than public schools.

Why did you overwhelm parents, citizens and teachers with more than $10 million in campaign spending, outspending them 10 or 20 to 1?

Why was it so important to you to open 40 charter schools in your state?

Bill, prove your sincerity.

Make your own children the first entrants into the first charter school in Seattle.