Voters in Washington State have turned down charter proposals three times. Now the idea is up for a vote again on November 6.

The advocates have raised millions of dollars from a handful of supporters, none of whom are public school parents.

The opponents have raised about $200,000 from a broad array of individuals.

Who opposes the charter initiative 1240 in Washington State


    • Washington State PTA
    • League of Women Voters
    * State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Randy Dorn
    • WASA – Washington Association of School Administrators
    • WSSDA – Washington State School Directors Association Board
    • Washington Education Association
    * Renton School Board
    * Seattle Public School Board
    * Eatonville School Board
    * Evergreen School Board
    * Franklin Pierce School Board
    * Goldendale School Board
    * Moses Lake School Board
    * Onion Creek School Board
    • Educational Service District 113
    * Riverview School Board, serving Carnation, Duvall and parts of unincorporated East King County.
    * Renton School District
    * Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools, Jose Banda
    • Japanese-American Citizens League Board
    • Seattle-King County NAACP
    • El Centro de la Raza
    • Parents and Friends for Tacoma Public Schools
    • Parents Across America – Seattle chapter
    * Parents Across America- Tri-Cities chapter
    * Parents Across America-Tacoma chapter
    * Parents Across America- Spokane chapter
    * Senator Adam Kline
    • 1st District Democrats
    • 5th District Democrats
    * 10th District Democrats
    • 11th District Democrats
    * 21st District Democrats
    • 22nd District Democrats
    * 23rd District Democrats
    * 27th District Democrats
    • 32nd District Democrats
    • 33rd District Democrats
    • 34th District Democrats
    • 36th District Democrats
    • 37th District Democrats
    * 39th District Democrats
    * 40th District Democrats
    • 41st District Democrats
    • 43rd District Democrats
    • 45th District Democrats
    • 46th District Democrats
    • 48th District Democrats
    • King County Democrats
    * Lewis Country Democrats
    * Mason County Democrats
    • Pierce County Democrats
    * Skagit County Democrats
    * Whatcom County Democrats
    • Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
    * Kristine Lytton State Rep.40th District
    • Citizens United for Responsible Education
    • IUOE Local 609 (Operating Engineers)
    • Association of Washington School Principals
    • Northwest Progressive Institute
    • UW Alumni Assn. Multicultural Alumni Partnership Board
    * The Seattle Stranger
    • Wayne Au, PhD in education, parent, and editor of Rethinking Schools
    • James Bible, President, Seattle-King County chapter of NAACP
    • Scott Heinze (Tacoma School Board Director)
    • Charlie Mas, Seattle Schools Community Forum blog
    • Barbara de Michele,former School Board member, Issaquah School District
    • Sue Peters, Seattle Education blog
    • John Stokes, Bellevue City Council member
    • Melissa Westbrook, Seattle Schools Community Forum Blog


  • Who supports initiative 1240?

    Bill Gates

    The Bezos family (

    Paul Allen (Microsoft)

    Alice Walton (Arkansas, Walmart)

    and a few other assorted millionaires and billionaires