Sharon Higgins of Oakland, California, is a hero of public education.

As a parent of children in the local public schools, Higgins was upset by the Broad Foundation’s takeover of her district. One Broad superintendent after another made decisions without consulting anyone who lived in the community.

Then, with the encouragement of the Broad superintendents, charter schools began opening, drawing students and funding away from the public schools.

Sharon Higgins did what she could. She started a website to report on what was happening. One part of her website is devoted to following the mis-steps of Broad superintendents. Another part of her website catalogues “charter school scandals.”

She has taken great interest in the Gulen charter movement.

She has no funding. She is a public school parent who wants the public to know what is happening and to know who is making decisions that affect their lives and their children without their knowledge or consent.

She is a hero of public education.