According to the latest news, the parents at Desert Trails Elementary School in Adelanto, California, have chosen a charter operator to take over their low-performing public school.

This is the first instance in the nation where the “parent trigger” has been put into effect.

But it is not a demonstration of parent empowerment or democracy.

There are over 600 children in the school.

286 signed the petition to convert to a charter.

Some parents asked to have their names removed when they realized that the school would be handed over to a charter operator. The judge said no. He said they were not allowed to revoke their signature.

When the vote to choose a charter operator was taken, only parents who signed the petition were allowed to vote.

Parents who did not sign the petition were not allowed to vote.

Only 53 parents voted.

Fifty parents selected the charter operator. Three voted for another operator.

Some parent empowerment.