The ascent to power of anyone connected to Teach for America continues.

Governor Cuomo just appointed De’Shawn Wright as Deputy Secretary of Education for the state of New York.

Wright spent two or four years (it’s not clear) teaching in New York City as a member of TFA. Then he quickly ascended to big jobs in the Mayor’s office and the New York City Department of Education. From there he became a senior advisor to Mayor Corey Booker in Newark, then on to an even bigger job in Washington, D.C.

Now–without any experience as a principal or a superintendent, without any direct knowledge of curriculum or school administration–he will advise the government on some of the most important issues facing the state. He joins Commissioner John King, another charter booster in Albany. Perhaps he will tell the governor how to evaluate teachers, though he has never done it himself.

Only in America could rank amateurs rise to the top of a crucial profession.