A reader in Los Altos, California, comments on an earlier post:

The REAL carrot here is allowing middle-class parents to engage in segregation. This is the “dirty little secret” of charter schools and of education reform in general: that they are a sustained political force ONLY because rich or semi-rich parents want their children in schools without “undesirables”.

Hence Obama is making a calculated political move here by saying he supports charters. That statement alone is probably worth a million or two votes in terms of direct votes, activism on his behalf, and donations. Parents in segregated schools (segregated, these days, more along socioeconomic lines than racial lines) will do anything to keep their scam going.

This will change as charters dig deeper into suburban America and disrupt and divide more communities like our own has been divided in Los Altos, CA. The community filled with the executives who run companies like Google and Facebook are now rapidly (forcibly) becoming education policy experts and we’re not happy with what we’re seeing at all.

Please keep fighting the good fight, Ms. Ravitch–your students are learning.