A reader wrote to say that he went to see “that movie,” and there were only eight other people in the theater.

The Hollywood media says that his family’s experience was not unusual.

Despite a huge publicity campaign involving promotion by NBC’s Education Nation and full-page ads in major newspapers, the film opened to weak sales at the box office.

Here is another report:

Hotel Transylvania’ Tops Box Office on Friday

After a month of consistently awful box office, audiences came back to the movies on Friday for Hotel Transylvania and Looper. Pitch Perfect also did great business in limited release, though not everything was sunshine and rainbows: Won’t Back Down performed terribly, and is on track for one of the worst openings of the year. Hotel Transylvania debuted to an estimated $11 million yesterday, which tops Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs ($8.1 million) for best opening day ever for a fully-animated Sony Pictures Animation movie (though it does lag a bit behind The Smurfs’ $13.3 million). Using Cloudy as a comparison (since it opened around the same time), Hotel Transylvania could be in line for over $40 million this weekend; Sony is being a bit more modest with a $38 million projection. Regardless, the movie is well-positioned to top Sweet Home Alabama’s $35.6 million to claim a new record for a September opening weekend.In second place, See more »
– Ray Subers