In response to other posts, Peggy Robertson of United Opt Out offers this advice to parents and teachers:

My advice is to take action. Currently we are asking people to begin to canvas neighborhoods and share the word of opt out. WE are going to have to do this. No one will do it for us. And while we sit around and wait for some corporate politician to change policies in our favor we have kids suffering – they do not have time to wait. Imagine how many childhoods will be lost this year at the hands of corporate education reform. I am angry – most angry because we have the ability to stop this – and instead we keep hoping that someone will share our message in mainstream media or we hope that Obama will hear us. The truth is this – the ball is rolling fast and it will take years to stop it IF we rely on politicians to do this for us. We cannot wait on the media to help us. Corporate media share what they want when they want – they toss us around like a cat playing with a mouse. We are quite capable of spreading the word of opt out. What are we waiting for? Share this link far and wide. Last year my main form of exercise was swimming. This year it will be walking.